+++ EXHIBITION: Dreaming of Atlantis +++

"Dreaming of Atlantis" exhibition opens in Hamm, Germany

Horst G Loewels' environmental art shakes the conscience of the viewer

HAMM - The surrealistic environmental art of Horst G Loewel will be on display from June 12 to September 5 at Galerie Kley in Hamm, Germany. The exhibition opening will feature a performance by the artist from Canada as well as a fantasy journey through the "Royal Canadian Fantasy Garden." The opening will take place both on-site and digitally.

Surrealist artist Horst G Loewel has spent his life in search of a reconciliatory approach between man and nature - as early as the 1970s he urged a sustainable approach to the environment. Today, the topic is more relevant than ever.

With his light and filigree painting technique, the studied biologist draws the viewer into fantasy worlds full of life and nature but also full of destruction through human influence. Thus, many a picture of the 82-year-old artist shakes up, as only art can do. In his search for Atlantis, Loewel has not only found it in his paintings, but also in his private life. On Vancouver Island he has created his personal paradise. He will give an insight into this in a performance on the opening days: between painting, salmon fishing and self-sufficiency.

INFO: Exhibition "Dreaming of Atlantis - The Nature of Horst G Loewel", exhibition opening June 12 and 13, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day, Werler Straße 304, 59069 Hamm. Registration required at info@galerie-kley.de. Further information on the gallery homepage on corona-related changes: www.galerie-kley.de. Artist homepage: www.horst-loewel.com

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