The appearance of the auditorium

A homage to the construction of the new Auditorio de Tenerife in Santa Cruz is the painting by
Horst G. Loewel. The focus is on the contrast between modern architecture and that of the
Canary Baroque and the Renaissance - above all, however, is the power of the
elements of nature.

Three levels are reflected in the work of the artist. The earth, represented by the highest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide, with the city of La Laguna. One of the oldest cities of the island and the world cultural heritage was until some time ago the government city with the culturally and historically typical
buildings from the time of the Canarian Baroque and the Renaissance period. In contrast contrast, the modern Auditorio from the pen of Santiago Calatrava springs like a ship the ocean of the sky, as the artist Loewel describes it. Above the ocean liner horizon with imposing imposing cloud formation: The power of nature. In the center of it is the sun, whose rays illuminate the unique interior of the Auditorio.

All elements of nature are reflected in Loewel's artwork. For him, nothing stands above nature.
The mighty volcano, the quivering water, the radiant sun, and the threatening clouds seem intimidating and powerful - but the Auditorio defies the elements. The painter deliberately painter did not paint the building exactly in the center: Although the essential meaning of the modern architecture, but in spite of everything, the elements of nature always play an essential role. essential role.

(2012/13, 150x125 cm, Oil on Wood)

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