Horst Loewel has made it his mission to address the destruction of nature by man in his art. All his works are expressive, significant and represent the serious situation of many environmental issues.


Horst G. Loewel was born on March 15, 1939 in Hanover, Germany. Since his earliest youth he has been interested in painting, music and nature. The educated gardener studied art history, philosophy, biology and geography in Munster, Bonn and Cologne. The artist today lives and works both on Vancouver-lsland, Canada and on Tenerife, Spain.

The painter Horst G. Loewel is a representative of the fantastic-surrealistic school in art. He paints essentially cosmic landscapes, full of symbolism, which are painted meticulously and realistically. They are visions of a dreamlike, unreal world, depicted with an immoderate and unlimited imagination. The rhythmically moving compositions glorify nature and cosmos at the same time, denying man as an absolute secondary matter compared to the magnitude of the universe.

From 1969 he presented numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Among them in Cologne, Krefeld, Bremen, Kevelaer, Lübeck, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamm, Antwerp, Zurich, Monte Carlo, Boston, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Athens, Ascona and others.

He was awarded several international art prizes. Purchases from the Federal Post Ministry in Bonn and the state government of Baden-Württemberg are among them.

Permanent exhibitions in the gallery Kocken in Kevelaer as well as in the gallery Kley in Hamm show his works.